Dra. Gabriela Araujo

Mathematics Institute, Juriquilla Campus

Office: 19
(442) 19262-83, Ext: 319

Actual Position: President of Mexican Mathematical Society (2022-2024)

I did my undergraduate studies at the Sciences Faculty at UNAM under the supervision of my undergraduate thesis advisor Víctor Neumann-Lara. I obtained my Ph. D. degree also at the Sciences Faculty and Mathematics Institute at UNAM My Ph. D. advisers were Luis Montejano. I was a Posdoc position at the Politecnical University of Catalunia, Spain and my posdoc adviser was Oriol Serra

Research areas:
Discrete Mathematics Combinatorics Graph Theory Finite Geometry

I have been working at the Institute of Mathematics since 2000. I am SNI-II and PRIDE "D". I participated very actively in the beginning of the project to create the Mathematics Unit, Campus Juriquilla.

My area of specialization is Discrete Mathematics and Graph Theory, specifically my work has been in finite geometries and graph theory, specifically on extreme graphs: construction and study of Cages and Moore's Graphs and complete colorations in graphs.

I did my doctoral studies in Mexico and later did a post-doctorate in Barcelona with the group of Graph Theory and Combinatorics of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia. Currently I work with Mexican and many colleagues around the world, I have collaborations on Spain, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium and Chile.

I have been responsible and participant in several research projects and I have taught different courses since I started my work at the Mathematics Institute both in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM, I also taught at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia during my postdoctoral stay. I have supervised eight undergraduate theses, four master thesis, three doctoral theses and one post-doctorate. I have organized various national and international congresses in my area.

On March 8, 2013, I received the “Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz” UNAM Recognition of Academic Merit, and I have been a member of the Mexican Academy of Science since the same year.

Since 2013 I have been interested in promoting the activity and presence of women (and in general of under-represented groups) in different academic spaces of mathematics: congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops and decision-making positions. I founded and coordinated the Commission of Equity and Gender of the Mexican Mathematical Society for several years, I was the representant person of the researchers of the Institute of Mathematics Campus Juriquilla in the Commission of Equality, Equity and Respect for Diversity of the Institute of Mathematics of the UNAM during 2019, and member of the Gender and Diversity Commission of the Mathematical Union of Latin America and the Caribbean (CGD-UMALCA) since September 2020 to February 2022. I am an ambassador for Mexico in the “Committee of Women of Mathematics” of the “International Mathematical Union” from August 2016 to date.